Global Artists Representatives Suggest to Establish International Peace Artists Alliance
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Harmonious Asia International Exhibition of Works by Artists for Peace – an event during “CICA” Summit co-sponsored by Beijing Peace Tour Cultural Exchange Center (“Peace Tour” for short) and China International Cultural Association witnessed the opening ceremony in Shanghai on May 19th, at which 80 artists from member states, observer states and dialogue partner states of “CICA”, 27 countries of Europe, Australia and America commonly suggested to establish “International Peace Artists Alliance”.


The artists said peace was the common wish of all human beings, safeguarding world peace was the common mission of all human beings and world peace was the basic guarantee for artists’ survival and creation. For years, they have been taking part in the activities of “Peace Tour” at various places worldwide, and this time they were here for the paintings exhibition held again by “Peace Tour” for the same purpose of peace. They wish to create for the sake of peace.


The artists suggested establishing “International Peace Artists Alliance” to gather the strength of global artists and unite them as a whole, so as to maintain world peace and promote world friendship. With the alliance, they could learn from each other, help each other, protect artists’ rights, aid artists in difficulties, so they are able to create more and more excellent works for human society and return to the society. They hope to have the support of all countries and regional governmental departments.



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