Chinese Artist Awards in France
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On June 15, 2014, the Wine, Art and Peace International Painting Exhibition, which supported by UNESCO, hosted by Saint-Emilion Municipal Government (France) and Europe-China Cultural and Educational Foundation (Belgium) and co-organized by Beijing Peace Tour Cultural Exchange Center is successfully concluded in Saint-Emilion, France. Mr. Hao Ping, President of the UNESCO and Chinese Vice Minister of Education, Mr. Bernard Lauret, Mayor of Saint-Emilion and Mr. Shao Changchun, President of Europe-China Cultural and Educational Foundation and Director General of Beijing Peace Tour Cultural Exchange Center attend the opening ceremony and give speeches there respectively.




Mr. Hao Ping gives a speech at the opening ceremony,  he says that this year (2014) is the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between France and China, and also the 15th anniversary of Saint-Emilion Wine-growing Region is on the World Heritage List by UNESCO. In this special moment, good paintings of Chinese artists to be exhibited in Saint-Emilion is meaningful, which explains common pursuit towards beauty of people in China and France and conveys good wishes for further exchange and cooperation between China and France.


This art exhibition is the first Chinese art show in Saint-Emilion, where is a holy land of wine. In the art event, more than 60 art works by 10 Chinese contemporary artists including Mr. Fan Yang, Mr. Liu Shengyu, Gu Zong, Mr. Jiang Shiguo, etc., and 4 artists from Central Asia are exhibited with distinct styles and various themes. These art works are received high praise from local amateurs who are interested in painting art and oriental culture, warm responses and unanimous praise from all walks of life.


When the opening ceremony finished, the Jurade de Saint-Emilion gives a grand ceremony at Rolling Stone Cathedral to award Mr. Fan Yang, head of Peace Tour delegation and vice president of Traditional Chinese Painting Institution at China National Academy of Painting the Chevalier Medal of Jurade, for his great achievements in painting and positive contribution in art exchange between China and Europe over the years. In the ancient ceremony with hundreds of years, Mr. Fan Yang excitedly says, ‘China and France is intimately involved in the field of painting, I am so honored to win the honor as a representative of artists who committed to Sino-French cultural exchange’.



Ahead of the ceremony, Mr. Fan Yang together with Chinese artists Mr. Gu Zong and Mr. Liu Shengyu were awarded the Chevalier Medal for Oriental Art by Europe-China Cultural and Educational Foundation.




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