Ex-president Otunbayeva Of Kyrgyzstan Visits Peace Tour Cultural Exchange Center
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        In the afternoon of May 8th, Former President Otunbayeva of Kyrgyzstan lead a delegation of 7 members and paid a visit to Peace Tour Cultural Exchange Center Tongxiang Office with the company of ambassador Peng Keyu, Vice Chairman of Chinese People’s Institute of Foreign Affairs and Mr.Chi Xiaoming, Vice Chairman of Tongxiang MPCC.  Representatives from the center received the delegation and conducted an extensive discussion on economic and cultural cooperation.

        At the end of the meeting, Peace Tour representatives, under the commission of Secretary General Shao Changchun, presented a hand-made violin by Mr. Shao as a gift to President Otunbayev, who also watched the spontaneous improvisation by Honorary Principal Gu Yang of Yangzhou Arts Academy and famous artists Zheng Yanfeng with interest. During the meeting, president Otunbayev also exchanged opinions with local fur dealers.



        President Otunbayeva was graduated from Moscow State University and had worked as a senior professor and the dean in Department of Philosophy in Kyrgyz National University for 6 years. He used to be the minister of Foreign Affairs and Vice Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan and took the office as president during the Kyrgyzstan’s transitional period from June 27th, 2010 to December 31st, 2011.


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