Peace Tour Sends Condolence Over The Death of Ex-king Sihanouk
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        On hearing the sudden death of the ex-king Norodom Sihanouk of Kingdom of Cambodia in the morning of October, 15th, Shao Changcun, the director-general of Peace Tour Cultural Exchange Center and the secretary-general of the Global Peace Tour of World-Famous Chinese Artists with Their Drawings Organizing Committee, sends a condolence letter on behalf of Peace Tour, extending our sincerest condolence and sympathy. The Condolence Letter goes as:

  A Condolence Letter from Peace Tour Cultural Exchange Center

October 15, 2012
Royal Embassy of Cambodia in China and forwarded to his majesty of King Sihamoni,

        We here at Peace Tour Cultural Exchange Center are greatly shocked and in deep grief on hearing the sudden death of the ex-king Sihanouk. King Sihanouk was an outstanding leader of Cambodia, who had been deeply respected and admired by Cambodian people. As a world-famous statesman, King Sihanouk was also an old friend of China and had received enormous respect from Chinese people and the international society. His death was a tremendous loss to the world.

        Hereby please allow us to extend our sincerest lament and sympathy to your majesty and the Cambodian people. We would carry on the behest of King Sihanouk, exerting our every effort to facilitate the constant and friendly development of Sino-Cambodian cooperation.

Shao Changchun, DirectorGeneral   
Peace Tour Cultural Exchange Center, Beijing, China


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