Peace Tour Artists Delegation Participated in 2013 Spring Festival Rally of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of PRC
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On Feb. 7th, two days before 2013 Spring Festival, Mr. Xing Shengcai and Mr. Cui Chengqian, Vice Directors of Peace Tour Culture Exchange Center participated in 2013

Spring Festival Rally hosted by the Department of Eastern Europe and Central Asian Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, together with artist representatives

Shangguan Chaoying, Vice Chairman of Shandong Artists Association, Wang Guang, Director of Wuhu Painting Gallery, and Ma Jun, Professor of Dunhuang Art Institute.

Artists of Peace Tour wrote Spring Festival Couplets at the event as presents to diplomats to express appreciation to the Ministry for their support to Peach Tour. At

the event, State Councilor, Dai Bingguo, met with artist representatives and staff of Peace Tour.


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