President Of Uzbekistan Academy Of Art And Science Visited Peace Tour
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        In the afternoon of November 24th, the president of the Uzbekistan Academy of Art and Science, along with his delegation visited Peace Tour Cultural Exchange Center, and had a discussion with Director General Shao Changhchun regarding the cooperation between Peace Tour and Uzbekistan Academy of Art and Science in the field of culture and art. Both have agreed upon presenting Honorary Academician titles of Uzbekistan Academy of Art and Science to Chinese artists on the large-scale painting and art exhibition during the period of Shanghai Cooperation Summit 2013, which will be held in Bishkek. During the meeting, Director General Shao showed the violins made by himself. With professional performances of famous compositions "A Night At Moscow Suburb", "Maira", "Riverbank of Love", the atmosphere of the meeting reached the peak. After the meeting, Director General Shao had a photo taking with the delegation of President Akmali Nur and the performers, exquisite violin, pigments and painting albums were presented to Mr. Akmali Nur. President Akmali Nur also expressed his sincere appreciation to Peace Tour, and invited Director General Shao for the participation in the art exhibitions in Tashkent next September.






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