Marketing Manager


1.Rich knowledge of wine and the current wine market and channels, ability in exploring wine market;

2.Ability to set up team and carry out business effectively;

3.Conducting training with strong communication skills;

4.With professional ethics, good at public relations and interpersonal communication;

5.Working under pressure and challenge.


1.Above the age of 30, 5 years’ working experience and plus;

2.College or bachelor degree, majoring in Marketing, Finance, Economics and Management, etc.

3.Pleasant appearance and delicate manner;

4.Highly responsible and honest, good at communication;

5.With professional ethics and keen insight to market; strong ability in marketing expansion.


Art Editor


1.Responsible for sifting artworks displayed on the website;

2.Working in correspondence with the Design Department and the tasks assigned by the general    secretary;

3.Making regular editing work and remark on paintings the company chose;

4.Keeping in contact with artists in a stable and harmonious way;

5.Completing other assignments from supervisors.


1.Graduated from officially recognized college of arts, proficient in history and theoretical    knowledge of art;

2.Highly sensitive to art elements like color and lines, good sense of aesthetics;

3.Passionate, unsatisfying learner, diligent and highly responsible;

4.With professional ethics and cooperative team workers.


English Liaison


1.Translating and processing business correspondence and files with foreign companies;

2.Working as an interpreter when negotiating with foreign clients and visiting foreign countries;

3.Conducting market survey, data collection, analysis and making plans on foreign clients and market;

4.Assisting the work of other departments to assure activities and forums on international culture    exchange under control.


1.English major with proficient writing and speaking skills;

2.Over 2 years’ working experience, below the age of 30, graduates with master degree or oversea    experience preferred; 

3.Experience in business negotiation;

4.Highly responsible and cooperative in teamwork.


Assistant of Executive Director


1.Completing the tasks assigned by the director-general, in charge of the execution, follow up and    implementation of tasks;

2.Assisting the director-general to make strategies, year plan and objectives and drafting work    reports and other formal files;

3.Managing the corporate operation and coordinate the relations among functional departments;

4.Tracking the completion of objectives of different departments and providing proposals for analysis    and improvement;

5.Offering solutions for project plan, strategies and operations;

6.Dealing with public relations and taking part in the planning, arrangement and organization of    large-scale activities to enhance public relations;

7.Arranging schedule and agenda of top-level conference, writing meeting summaries and following up    the implementation of directions;

8.Drafting related reports, files and arranging working schedule for director-general.


1.Male, bachelor or above degree in Public Relation, Administrative Management and Business    Administration, etc.

2.Over 3 years’ experience as an assistant to general managers and good command of English;

3.All-rounded knowledge of management, culture exchange and business reception in foreign affairs;

4.strong skills of organization, coordination, leadership and communication with keen insight,    resolute in judgment, decision-making and execution;

5.Cooperative in teamwork, honest and responsible;

6.Good command of Microsoft Office;

7.Veteran driver with a driving license.




1.Assisting supervisor to deal with executive works;

2.Working independently to draft business letter, speeches and project plans, etc.

3.Working under emergency;

4.Arranging conference schedules;

5.Sorting and filing conference materials;

6.Coordinating with supervisors and managers in other departments;

7.Completing other tasks assigned by supervisors.


1.Bachelor degree or above in Public Relation, Administrative Management, Business Administration,    previous experience are preferred;

2.Excellent writing skills with unique thoughts and insights;

3.All-rounded knowledge of management and corporate business;

4.Strong skills of organization, coordination, leadership and communication with keen insight,    resolute in judgment, decision-making and execution;

5.Cooperative in teamwork, honest and responsible;

6.Good command of Microsoft Office.



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